August 17, 2006

Sweet Charity

A BIG THANK YOU!!! to those of you who've already given me some early birthday presents! When I saw the "A Special Gift for You" emails from coming in, I was sooooooo happy. I opened the emails full of anticipation just like unwrapping a physical gift... and let me assure you that this doesn't take away the surprise at all! It's so interesting to see which charity (charities) you've chosen and read the sweet messages you've written. Thank you thank you thank you thank you....

As you might have guessed from my wish list, one of my favorite idols is Clay Aiken, who's a UNICEF Ambassador, and who also started the Bubel/Aiken Foundation for children with developmental disabilities. He has a new CD, "A Thousand Different Ways", coming out on 9/19! Speaking of new releases, Evanescence will follow shortly with "The Open Door" on 10/3 and they'll be performing in Dallas on 10/21!!! Ahhh... Anyway, back to the topic on hand, Amy Lee supports the Epilepsy Foundation with her Out of the Shadows campaign aimed to raise epilepsy awareness, education, and research.

Music and giving go hand in hand :)

Btw, Paypal has made it easy for us to make donations via text messaging! Go to Paypal Goes Mobile website to find out more info under "Text to Give". An example is texting WATER to support UNICEF!

Posted by cybette at August 17, 2006 04:40 AM
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